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4-6S 14.8V 18.5V 22.2V lithium battery pack

Li-ion 18650 battery pack 18.5V 3000mAh

Voltage: 18.5V
Capacity: 3000mAh
Weight: Approx 260g
Application: Wireless monitor/devices,Medical devices and portable equipment,Testing devices,LED lights 

  • Name: 18.5V 3000mAh

    Model: 18650-5S1P

    Type: Li-ion battery pack

    Voltage(V): 18.5V
    Nominal capacity(mAh): 3000 mAh
    Standard charge current: 0.5C
    Max discharge current: 2C 
    Charge temperature(℃): 0~45
    Discharge temperature(℃): -20~60
    Storage temperature(℃): -20~45
    Dimension(mm): can be customized 
    Over charge protection voltage(V): 21V±0.05
    Over discharge protection voltage(V): 15V±0.1
    Life time: 500 cycles

    Output connectors and cables:customized assemble
    OEM/ODM orders are welcomed

    Applications: Wireless monitor/devices,Medical devices and portable equipment,Testing devices,LED lights and lamps,transport indication system,portable home electrical tools,power tools,kids toys .etc.

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